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to Enjoy the Whole Year Through!
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To Send in Email or Message:Copy Link

Sharing on Facebook

If you want to share the link to the game on a friend's timeline, be sure to use the drop-down menu arrow.  You can write your message as well. 
OR  Share
on your timeline and use the @ symbol with your friend's name and they'll see the link to the game there.   

What About Twitter?

Can I Tweet to Just One Person?  YES!

To tweet directly at one person, place the @username at the beginning of the tweet (before the rest of the text). For example, if you tweet @billiekelpin Just saying hello! , the tweet will be sent directly to me

Copy Link 

To copy the link, simply highlight it, right click to copy, and it will be in your clipboard to right click and paste into an email to your friend or wherever they can access it.  

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