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‘zines in bookstores because they originated as underground magazines.  Now they are available as short stories and essays that are little 4.25″ x 5.5″ books that will delight your mother, your brother, your friend in New Hampshire! Titles include: “A Gift from My Daughter,” “When Your Aunt Wears Sequins,” and the ever-popular “Perfect Husband – A Field Guide” – a what-to-day-to-your-wife-today pocket manual!  Check us out in our Etsy Store, Back Bay Books.
​​​Release Date: 12/31/2020​

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​Author Billie Kelpin takes her short story and essay writing into the realm of the novel.  Set in the 60s, the novel follows a young 20-year-old, Kate Kensington in a coming of age tale that requires the courage of conviction at a time of revolution. As a former teacher of the deaf and sign language interpreter, Billie brings with the novel a background into a fascinating field and the culture of a community rich in struggle and triumph.  


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​​Stories to Go: 
a “Listen-To” App – ​An AUDIOBOOK  on your phone or your favorite listening device. Collection of humorous and inspiring stories and essays written and narrated by Billie Kelpin and guest authors for  Android in Google Play Store devices   Listen on the way home from work, while washing the dishes, or on your next road trip. Submit your narrations for consideration. ALL AGES​
​The magic of marriage is often only a word away. Sometimes the best intentions get lost because the perfect words are hard to find.  Here's a powerful list of simple 20 phrases that may will melt your partner's heart when said with sincerity. An app that has been converted to a fun flip book to read on any of your devices. 


If Flowers Had Feelings
(a Modern Day Fable filled with sticks and snails, and marigolds,
and one brave little petunia!
Presently on Amazon under
("Polly and the Measuring Stick")
​​Lucky the Left Pawed Puppy:
a delightful story empowering little left-handers and ALL children who, at times, have felt ‘left out’  Ages 5-8
READ a synopsis of the story, LEARN about the talented artist, LISTEN to a sample of Lucky’s story, and PLAY Lucky’s Game – all on his fun-filled website.  SPECIAL through Lucky’s Website  www.leftpawedpuppy.com

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