A coming-of-age novel with the insights of the Oscar-winning movie "CODA" and its predecessor "Children of a Lesser God." This revelatory story unveils the struggle for Deaf Rights that walked hand-in-hand with the Civil Rights and Anti-War movements in the late ‘60s..

"Coming of Age
in a Time of Turmoil"

"Kelpin’s ability to show us both sides of a conflict and to imbue her characters with humanity and dignity runs throughout Falling Idols. She offers a fresh and important perspective on a time of great turmoil in our country. 

-C.W. Spooner, author of One Pitch at a Time, Children of Vallejo, Like a Flower in the Field, '68, Yeah, What Else?, Street Cred, and his insightful blog. Click here.

How Do You Sign "Protest" in ASL?
"Genuine and

"A touching story about families and relationships strained by the times and the new replacing the old. It is told with wit, empathy, insight, and literary skill”

Casey Dorman, former editor and publisher of the literary quarterly Lost Coast Review and author of Ezekiel’s Brain, The Oedipus Murders, Murder in Nirvana, and a host of other literary and scholarly works. Casey's Blog/Fan Page

Lucky, the Left-Pawed Puppy
Ages 5-8

A Delightful Story Empowering Little Left Handers and All Children (especially those who, at times, feel 'left out.)


The book is just the right length for a read-along picture book. The sketch-style art has a warm, fun feel...

 “Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards” : Judges review

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Only $7.99


Stories to Go

A Dazzling Collection of humorous, inspirational, and homey wisdom all wrapped up in selected short stories, poems and essays written by Billie Kelpin. 

Kelpin narrates her works from Hubpages, anthologies,"The Truth That Can't Be Told 1 & 2," and the "podiobook," Live from Milwaukee, It's Tuesday Night.
Enjoy during your coffee break or on the drive home. 

Listen Now.


Polly and the Measuring Stick
A Fable for All Ages

What's a little petunia to do when all the ooh's and aah's of life pass her by? There's only one solution and Polly Petunia finds it in this  whimsical modern-day fable about overcoming self-doubt -  for ALL AGES. 

Ebook Only $ .99

PollyCompressed_800x1200 min.jpg

The Perfect Husband App
To Tweak the Heart of the
Feminine Mind

The magic of marriage is often only a word away. Sometimes the best intentions get lost because the perfect words are hard to find.  Here's a powerful and fun list of simple 20 phrases that may will melt your partner's heart when said with sincerity. Available as a 'zine in Etsy $7.99

 Update Coming Soon as an app for iPhones in Apple's App Store or for Android phones in Google Play Store under "The Perfect Husband Handbook"

Up-Coming Events

Authors Read: 

Bask in the vibe of a 50s coffee house where the aroma of expresso and cinnamon cappuccino create the perfect atmosphere for writers reading their works        

About:  The coolest coffee shop in the OC has invited members of the OC Writers' Lake Forest Writers' Round Table to read samples of their work and answer questions on their writing process and the collaboration of the group's 2nd Anthology, The Truth That Can't Be Told, Book Two.

When:   Tuesday, August 23, 2022 

Time:     7:00-9:00 pm

Where:  29100 Portola Pkwy,
             Lake Forest, CA 92630