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On the Edge, the Edge, the Edge, the Edge...

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

an excerpt from Chapter Two of "Falling Idols"

As Kate talked, the image of Mrs. Z storming towards her slid into her brain and flashed like a neon sign. She could feel the humiliation, the confirmation, the proof–proof she just didn’t have what it took or what Dr. Ashcroft and the supervising teacher thought it took. Maybe she didn’t want what it took. Nothing was as clear to her as it had been an hour ago. She was on one of the most dangerous roller coasters in the world, the Wild Self-Doubter Ride, and her mother seemed eager to take her to the top again with her next statement.

“Then quit, Kate. Quit that damn major.” Marion then whispered into the phone, “I don’t want you to end up like your dad.”

Kate was certain there was no danger of that. Seeing her dad after his first shock treatment scared her “happy.” At the very least, it taught her how to avoid going too near the edge of that black abyss.

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