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"If You Don't Want to Go to Chicago..."

Updated: Apr 12

An excerpt from Chapter Six, "Falling Idols," a '60s coming-of-age novel by Billie Kelpin

Ginny handed Kate a package wrapped in brown butcher paper held together with pieces of twine and several sprigs of sage.

Inside was an oval piece of decoupaged pinewood with a phrase in beautiful calligraphy:

If you don'twant to go to Chicago,

don't get on the train.

"Oh, I love this, Gin. I remember. Your grandma said that to you on your prom night, so you wouldn't..."

"Grammy knew I was a wild child."

"But when did you have time to do this?"

"You do remember that our profs in regular ed. were sane, right? So I had free time when you were at the library all night."

"So the decoupage glue was what I smelled all semester! I knew it wasn't nail polish."

Kate leaned in to give Ginny a hug.

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