Trump and Withdrawal from Syria

The following is an “amendment” I want to make to my response in Lost Coast Review to Author Casey Dorman’s essay “Syria: Did Trump Get it Right This Time” 

I have to amend the comment I made to your post.  My remarks leave the impression that I think Trump’s actions were appropriate and done correctly. As you posit, no matter what we believe about what should happen in the area, his actions have put the world on edge and were not done correctly. 

After the abundance of comments by both sides of the aisle regarding the recklessness of Trump’s behavior, I don’t want to leave the impression that I don’t defer to those who are more knowledgeable than I am regarding matters I know little about.  (That’s why I love reading your informative posts; they are filled with vital details that provide background for discussion.) 

After Vietnam, I vowed that I would never be so uninformed about wars in which our nation was involved.  And here I am all these years later, not even being able to identify the players in Syria or being able to describe the views of the Kurds, the Syrian Liberation Front, or any of the myriad of movements involved.  Nor can I list all countries bombing the area, and there are many!

My mind, as I read your post yesterday, was focused on the successful criminal justice reform bill from last week.  I believe the Syrian issue had at one point,  been attached to that bill somehow.  The signing of that bill took place today and is the one for which Van Jones of CNN was praising Trump. 

What I should have said was that even Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and military leaders had praised Trump yesterday as they did with the criminal reform act, I would have a very difficult time forgiving Trump for the position in which he has placed our country environmentally, politically, judicially, morally and whatever way that escapes me at the present time.  
 I must say that it was very, very difficult to look at Trump during this signing today and watch the clapping.  It’s like rewarding a petulant child for the one time he behaved well in hope that we can reinforce his good behavior the next time.  Our nation should not have to be responsible for the education of a President, but it is what it is for the moment, and while I can smile for the progress of any success that might occur, I hold a great deal of resentment that so many people have to work so hard just to get us back to a place of balance once again.  I just can’t stand in the background and clap with this person in the picture.  Mea Culpa!       

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