The Man in the Mirror: Recency Versus Primacy, Part 1

dollopSee? Now this is what happens when you join a group.  You learn different stuff than you would just sitting home alone, writing on your computer.  So last Thursday at the Orange County Lake Forest Round Table, author Howard Rogers was reading a chapter from a new book he’s working on in his Mordacai Glass Detective series. (His first book, “A Male Doberman Named Esther,” was published this summer and is a fun read!)  Since Howard’s main character in his new novel is a college professor in some fancy-dancy field of Psychology as Howard was in, and since Casey Dorman (newest novel “2020“) also spent years in the field of psychology, the conversation evolved to something “Skinnerian” (a term I vaguely understand) and took a leap somehow to the theory of “recency” (a term I was hearing for the first time). You’d think that a person like myself who actually has spent a considerable number of hours being counseled by psychologists would be afraid to be in a group such as this, the threat of being psychoanalyzed looming in the subconscious somewhere. But no, these writers are the least intimidating, most down to earth group of any people I know.

So, back to “recency”!  Last Thursday was the first time I ever heard the term.  I started this article writing paragraphs of information on the term itself and then leading into how I incorporated the concept as I looked in the mirror a few days after hearing it.  But THEN, I ran into this video about “Remembering and Forgetting” which is totally intriguing, fun, and contains a rapid explanation of “recency” somewhere in the middle. So I thought, “Why try to improve on perfection?” and decided to stop “talking” (a rare instance for those who know me) and let you enjoy this more inclusive video instead – just because it’s so much fun. The narrator, whose name, as best I can discern is Hank Green, talks like lightning, so be sure you don’t miss the “recency” part somewhere in the middle. Apparently this video is part of a crowd funding project, Crash Courses, which, after viewing the video, you might like to support.  So view the video and watch for my next blog (tomorrow or so) on how recency and I met in the mirror last week.

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