Scheduling Google Adwords Driving You Crazy?

If you’ve just started your small business and are new to Google Adwords, I’m going to talk to you like the grandma who says, “Back in my day, I had to walk 10 miles to school in the snow without boots…” And yes, that’s exactly how it felt as a small (let’s face it ‘tiny’) business person trying to put an ad up in Google Adwords a few tears ago. My mantra at the time was: “How can the best search engine people in the world get this interface so messed up?”  My software engineer husband couldn’t figure it out either, however, living with a left-brain thinker helped me analyze exactly was some of the problems were. A large part of the confusion for me was a question of semantics. While “campaign” may make sense in the software and advertising world, it made no sense in mine.  Differentiating a “campaign” from a plain old “new ad” threw me.  In addition, Ad Words must have gotten some perverse pleasure in hiding the “keyword” button and it usually took it a half an hour to locate it.  But you can thank me for writing tons of “feedback” emails to adwords that minced no words to google.  (I’m sure it was totally my personal input that created a better interface today, but we just can’t prove that 😉  

 LINGERING PROBLEM TODAYLet’s assume the above problems described in the paragraph above are not problems for you.  However, I guarantee that if you’re new to Google Adwords you will have trouble scheduling an end date for your d”campaign”.  This posting is devoted to helping you put an end date on the ad you’re creating so you are not shocked three days after posting that your ad cost you three times the amount you intended. There is one simple setting to change when starting “a new campaign”  Be sure that you CHANGE the setting from Standard to All Features.  The setting All Features will allow you to see the Scheduling choice toward the bottom of the page and you’ll be able to set the end date.  If you click on “Help” and search for “schedule end date” you’ll be presented with a video that explains this process in depth. You can also go to this Google Adwords resource page.  The video is right in the middle  Good Luck!

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