Road Trip 2017: Day Two

dog on road trip

First of all, this posting to our 2017 Novel Writing/Road Trip Insight diary is not from day one, but day two! (When taking a road trip, it’s important to remember that it wouldn’t be a road trip if things didn’t go a little wacky.) That’s what a road trip or any adventure is all about – how you respond when things go wrong.  (Come to think of it, maybe that’s what life is all about.) So our whole site “went dark” on the exact day we took off with a sign on each side of our car blatantly advertising this blog!  That means that the whole intent of this trip will be posted on day three (or not).

Having a sign on our car saying “Smile” is not exactly comfortable for me.  It’s far too authorcar with blogging signitarian for my style.  If I saw that sign, I’d probably think, “Don’t tell me when to smile”, but I tend to be a little more oppositional than most.  AND people do smile when they see our sign – especially this year. I think it might be because the whole world is trying to compensate for the name-calling – the meanness – that has surfaced during the past year. It’s like people are trying to prove we’re better than that.  I like to think that maybe it’s in response to the heroic act on May 27th by two bystanders at the Metro Transit station in Portland who gave up their lives defending the hate speech directed at two young women, one wearing a hijab. “No greater love…”
So here’s to joy whatever the reason and a warm “Hello” to the young woman in the Mini-Cooper passing us and smiling at our sign car in Mesquite, NV  and the young couple in black Dodge 4 x 4 as we parked in front of the Black Bear Diner in St. George, Utah.
…more later and happy trails to you.

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