Memory Isle App for ALL Ages!

Language Rocks has been creating online memory games since 1992. That’s a LOT of years. We’ve gone from having our games on CDs to putting them in apps. Today we are featuring a category in our blog called “Memory” and are sending the feed to our “Memory Isle App”.

Creating an app is a lonely business.  You get little feedback from people regarding how well they like your app. You just hope the people who download your app are enjoying your games.

We understand that there are phenomenal software games out in the world. Case in point, last week, when we were at Joe’s Crab Shack, our friend’s son, Nicholas, was totally engrossed in a game simulator on an iPhone that allowed him to go in and out of an adorable scene. It was fast, it was engaging. And you probably can guess what we thought: “He’ll never get excited over our quiet classic Memory matching app.” To our very pleasant surprise, there we were, the crab legs on the table, the half-eaten hush puppies still waiting to be finished, and little Nicholas, totally engrossed in OUR game, Memory Isle App.  He was zipping through the St.Patrick’s Day Game, one of nine games on the app menu (not Joe’s menu) and we couldn’t have been more delighted.
We created this app to be enjoyed by ALL AGES.  Since adults have love our games as much as little Nicholas, we are announcing that we will be including a section of our online blog within the app.  That section will focus on all things related to the mind and memory. This is the first posting within that blog category.  We hope to provide you will lots of information regarding our amazing minds.

Extra for Bloggers and Small Business Owners:

And here’s a bonus for those of you who are trying to put your blog feed into an app, website, email, social network, etc. As you probably know, adding /feed/ to the end of your blog’s url will give your readers your blog with its updated information. For example: becomes when I want to add it to a widget that takes RSS feed (Really, Simple, Syndication). The http was automatically installed when I put the url on the line required in the wordpress widget.  If you have only ONE category in your blog that you want included, be sure you get the url of that category.  For example, for our Memory App I wanted only the “Memory” catalog showing, so the url became

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