New Business Owners – Choose Your Name Wisely

We’ve been on the web for over 15 years creating educational learning games and activities as well as producing educational software matching games for schools, especially schools that have special programs for deaf and hard of hearing students. 

Windmill Works was the name we chose for our company for a very sentimental reason:  “Man of La Mancha” was released the year that I first decided to re-create the card game, “Authors.”  My card game, “American Authors,” was modeled after the fun card game by Whitman Publishers that I had played as a child.  Since we knew reviving this game might be an “Impossible Dream,” and since the Don Quixote character in “Man of La Mancha” was stabbing at windmills, bells and whistles started sounding and Windmill Works was born.  It’s too back the bells weren’t of the alarm type that indicated that since many places on the web still list companies alphabetically, “W” might be a bit ill advised.   

Once you start with a logo and business cards, it’s difficult to deviate from your name even though you may have branched out into a whole new line of products since the inception of your company.

And thus, today, we struggle to convert our Windmill Works website to Language Rocks.  All of our url addresses to pages on our former website, and believe me, there are pages that even I don’t remember having created, would have to be sold if we sold our name.  Since our goal is to move toward that end, we have spent the last 6 months re-doing, re-constructing, re-inventing our website.  We’re exhausted! So while you don’t have a crystal ball, make sure your name and the domain names you purchase and pages you create on the web with them will be pertinent in the future.

Well, now it’s back to the painful re-construction at Language Rocks which, for the time being, is a division of Windmill Works.  I hesitate to link to our site at this moment in time because what you’ll see is a version of spring cleaning where everything has been pulled out of the closet, is strewn in heaps on the floor, with only a bit having been put back to it’s newly organized state.  Well, embarrassment be damned, you can take a look at a work in progress at or  Our ebook website should be fairly intact at

Best to you and Happy New Year!,


Best to you.

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