Follow Your Inspiration


One would think that a person who does “head down” line by line coding each day, as the kind to the left, would be the last image of htmlperson to talk about being grateful for the chance to “follow his inspiration”.  But there is was, 8:15 in the morning on the 73 tollway, my husband, Mike the software engineer, talking about his new placement allowing him to the freedom to “follow his inspiration”.

If you think about it, following your inspiration, is brilliant.  It is different from following your intuition.  My intuition, for example, might tell me that creating this “series” is fool-hardy and an unnecessary diversion from the novel I’m trying to write. My intuition might be right or wrong.  But creating “Dollop a Day” is following my inspiration . Inspiration elevates our intuition to a higher plane. There’s something spiritual about inspiration.

Having a job that allows you the freedom to follow your inspiration is a gift. Living a life that allows you to follow your inspiration is a gift as well. Sometimes you have to fight for that gift.  Sometimes you have to put yourself in the path of it.

But what about those times that you’re close to the bottom of the rung of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and in survival mode, as are many of the victims of Hurricane Irma at the moment? The amazing thing about inspiration is that it can come to you no matter where you are on the road to the highest level self-actualization. Ironically, inspiration can come, as they say, at the moment you least expect it. Put yourself in the path of inspiration, and when it taps you on the shoulder, don’t be afraid to follow it.

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