Focus, Focus, Focus

Cheers from Billie, the Prez: pursuits. 

Such a long time it’s been since posting!  The cause? -My personal lack of focus and eclectic interests and pursuits. Perhaps you can learn from our mistakes here at Language Rocks. I get great comfort from a quote I read on “Maybe the sole purpose of my existence is to be a warning to others. So here’s the warning: FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS!.

I recently joined the OC Writers group and  was struck by the focus of one of our members, Dr. Diane Rogers, the author of “Stand Tall Growing the Courage To Be Uniquely You”  With laser-like focus on the promotion of her lovely and important children’s book, Dr. Rogers has spoken to hundreds of children about the message of her book.  She conducts art workshops with the children, exploring all kinds of creative possibilities to put her self-published book in front of the market for which the book is geared.  Of course, one can never do that unless they have a passionate belief in the importance of their “product” to the consumer.  Dr. Rodgers is not about the sale of her book as much as she is about spreading the message of empowerment that the book bestows on it’s young readers. Belief in the benefit your product is to others is most likely the strongest motivator for FOCUS!

By contrast (and here’s “the warning to others”), once I wrote and published “Lucky, the Left-Pawed Puppy” in paperback and print book form, I went on to 39 other projects – not a great plan. 

So let’s toast today, dear business reader, “To “Focus  Focus, Focus!” – especially this week – all the way to Friday. I’d love to hear the great results you experienced. 

Cheers from “on the road” – our summer business endeavor. More about that in the next blog 🙂  

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