Dynamic Business Cards: Add a QR Symbol

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Concept: Add a QR (Quick Response) Code to your business card and direct people INSTANTLY to your website, article, social media, or any other information you wish your customer to access. With a QR code on your business card, anyone who has your card can scan the image with their smartphone and go straight to the page you want them to visit. It’s slick–and dynamic!

The “Back Story”:  We fell in love with Newport Beach from the moment we visited there several years ago. We positioned ourselves to live and do our business in one of the most beautiful areas in California.  How?  We live in an RV and write and do business from a lovely RV resort. It’s lively, it’s fun. It’s only blocks from the ocean. People are always on vacation, and they come from all over the country. Because we experienced Newport Beach as “non-natives,” we discovered great spots that every visitor would want to experience.  Wanting to share the beauty here, I wrote a one-day, do-it-yourself, itinerary for newcomers and visitors to the area.  Every time we met
a new person at our resort, I’d ask them if they had seen the view from Corona del Mar or Crystal Cove yet.  I’d tell them about the Balboa Island Fun Zone Tour, and then direct them to my article which was on a website with a long URL. I had business cards made for that one article, but whether or not people would go there, was a “hit and miss” proposition. My husband mentioned that if we printed the QR code right on our business card, we could show them the article in an instant. If they already had a QR scanner on their phone, they could simply scan our card and link it immediately to the article.

How to Create the QR Image for Your Business Card: Numerous websites will create a QR symbol that is linked to your website or webpage “for free,” but we all know that nothing is really for free.  We are particularly fond of the donation-based code generator at http://www.qrcode-monkey.com/  No information is required from you except the information you wish to put on your QR image.

A quick search will lead you to other QR code generators that provide the free image with a code but require registration to their website.  The code generator at https://www.avasam.com/qr-generator/ is connected with an interesting drop-ship website that you may like to explore. Several awards are listed in the “About Us” section of this website. We were able to generate a QR code from there quickly and easily by registering our email.com and simple basic information.

Tips Regard Image Size: You might want to use an image bigger than the one we did because the QR Scanner app has to focus and re-focus to resolve the image when it’s too small.

  • Since your customer will probably go right to your website on his cell, be sure your website looks great on a mobile app.  I had some extraneous pictures on my “What to See in the OC” article which were cumbersome in the mobile version, so I moved them around to look good both on the web and on the mobile app. 

What If:  If your customer doesn’t know how to use a QR scanner, just direct them to  Free Apps for QR Scanners available for iOS and Android devices in their respective app stores.  We don’t know if one is better than the other, but here’s the one we use on our Android phone:

Note:  If you want to see how this works, you can simply hold your phone and scan my business card with your cellphone and my article at http://billiekelpin.hubpages.com/hub/Trippin-in-LA-What-to-See-in-the-OC will appear in a flash on your phone. If you have questions, just email leftpawedpuppy@gmail.com with “OR” question in the subject line, or leave a comment here 🙂 

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