“Presidential Solitaire” Buries “Patience Solitaire”

Presidential Solitaire coverWhat is this deck of cards with President pictures that’s as popular as “Hamilton” and that buries the trending online card game, “Patience”?

Well, you and I know that nothing is as popular as the Broadway smash hit
“Hamilton,” but an inventor can dream, can’t she? Yes, Presidential Solitaire is a game invented by the author of this blog – me. Maybe it’s because I’m left-handed that the question, “What if…?” comes often to me. “What if Solitaire had NO NUMBERS?” I found myself asking myself one day.  Of course, Solitaire in and of itself is fun just because we’re hoping the cards will quickly come our way and we’ll “beat the deck”. However, repeating “ten, nine, eight, seven…” in our heads is a bit un-challenging, don’t you think? So I thought, “What if the order of the Presidents becomes the order of the game? Challenging our brains to think   “Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon…” surely must be a super duper brain-building exercise, even more so than the popular “Patience Solitaire which merely requires extra patience! So around 1990, I took a little out of savings and went ahead trying prototypes, Continue reading “Presidential Solitaire” Buries “Patience Solitaire”

Question for Marketers!

So, here’s the app that anyone can download FREE for Android from the googleplay store. (RESIZABLE on the phone!!!) We’re working on getting this little app into the Apple store, but we’re having trouble. (Blog to follow).

 screenshot of memory game
Our next plan is to re-publish this app, but with a Christmas game. That app will have the OPTION TO PURCHASE our complete game app for children for $1.99. The upgrade will include “Sentence Scrambles” for developing reading skills, more memory matching games with niche themes, and Fill-in-the-Blank games that are now featured on “The Awesome Game Page” in the kids’ secton of our website at languagerocks.com. 

Marketers: We could use any constructive ideas for our little company regarding our games for kids. We need to know if we should: A. Stop what we’re doing? B. Keep on going in this direction? C.Go on to something else? We have been creating educational software and games and other products for 25 years and are at an impasse. Let us know YOUR thoughts the comment section below. 

Will a Custom Game App Rocket Your Small Business?

We at Language Rocks believe a custom game app can rocket
your small business to new heights, get customers to interact with your product line, and keep customers coming back.    That’s why we created our newest app, a Halloween memory matching game for Android phones, tablets, online (soon to be in the Apple Store as well.) We called it Concentration-Halloween Haunt“. 

For ANY type of Business
The Halloween App makes sense for OUR educational website, but what about YOUR company? Does having a game make sense for YOUR products?  You might have heard of “The Secret” which was popular several years ago. A game on their website seemed to have made sense for The Secret. Playing the game reinforces concepts the book contains. Imagine the interactivity of a customized game on YOUR website or YOUR business app. (We would suggest fewer squares, of course, with YOUR product or content. You then can add sales banners, links, or affilitate information.)  But when you think how often a player would be interacting with your products, the benefits are obvious.
How to Order a Customized Game for YOUR Website: What Will Your Custom Game Look Like: How Can You Order A Game To Be Created for You:

What Will Your Custom Game App Look Like?

Our software division at Language Rocks has created a memory matching game for the Texas State Historical Museum in Austin, Texas.  This game features Texas state symbols and is in the children’s section of the museum on a kiosk which plays interactive computer games.  The screen shot here illustrates the game according to color and other specifications of the museum.  A game such as this can easily be converted into an app as we did with our “Concentration-Halloween Haunt” app described previously. 

A completely different look to the classic memory game was designed for comedian Bethany Therese so audiences would interact with the name of famous and rising female comedy personalities.  Just click here to view the Comics Game. 

To promote our own publication of the children’s book, “Lucky, the Left-Pawed Puppy” we created “Lucky’s Match”, a delightful game for children to play online which we can add to our Concentration Series app in the GooglePlayStore and Apple Store in the future.

What Will Your Custom Game Look Like
Whether you sell houses, jewelry, or power tools – whether you want to advertise your blog or your website, we can customize the memory game to match your specifications and promote your products, information, or concepts. We are able to deliver that game for your website and/or as an app submitted to Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Because we are a small business working with other small businesses, our prices are meant to accommodate modest budgets. 

How Can You Order A Game To Be Created for You
If you are not a software developer and need our services, we can deliver a game to you for your website for $79.95. If you are a software developer, you can purchase our copyrighted code for only $49.95 to use in your projects.  For details on how we can deliver and help create and load your app in the Applestore for Apple devices and Google Play Store for Android devices.  Call us at 763-442-0781 or email us at games@languagerocks.com for details.