Scooter’s First Entry

Welcome to “The Wisdom of Scooter,” excerpts from the popular “Scooter the Dog Blog” written thirteen years ago.  It is republished here exclusively for patrons of Left Handed Writer on the Patreon website.  Sometimes it’s easier to express thought through the innocent eyes of a dog as sweet as Scooter, and we hope you will find “Scooter’s words” folksy, sweet, and insightful for your own life. More about Scooter and how this blog began at the end of this post. *

Getting to Know Me – May 9, 2006

That’s me in the picture.  I’m Scooter.  I’m only four and a half, and now I have a blog; I’m the luckiest dog in the world!  You can probably guess my breed (actually I’m a mix of two similar breeds – Shih-Tzu and Lhasa Apso).  We used to protect the Emperors in the inner part of the castles in Asia. That’s what I heard Billie say anyway.  She’s the lady I own.  And I love her.  I love her husband, too.  His name is Mike.  I just call them both “Rraa.” I was born in that place where all the people say, “Ya, dat’s it cha know” and where that cold white stuff falls to the ground and makes my paws cold.

One day, though, when I was about two and a half, all kind of boxes started appearing all around the house, and Billie was putting everything from the cupboards and closets into those boxes. At first, she was very careful and slow, but later it was like she just threw everything in!  On the last day, she put all my toys in, too and I got a little worried. From the way she was squeezing me in this picture, I think she was a little worried, too!

That’s Annie and me when I was just a little pup.

Everybody was saying “good-bye,” and “we love you” and Annie and Joey, my neighborhood buddies who played with me everyday hugged me real tight and I felt something wet on Annie’s cheeks.  When I licked her, it tasted like the salt on the popcorn we eat every night.

Since that time, I’ve lived in seven different places!  I heard Mike say he’s following the software jobs around the country – whatever software is – Maybe humans know. But there is one thing will always know – my way back to that place where Annie and Joey, and Cody and Hayden, live ’cause I left a little mark in each stop along the way from that one ocean where you see the sun go up in the morning to that other ocean where the sun goes down at night.  Right now, I live in an RV in California!

Maybe tomorrow I can tell you about my friend Gator the Greyhound and how I won a race with him! He lives at Newport Beach where we were a little while ago. Now we’re in Valencia, California and I have some new friends that you’ll want to hear about.  Until then:  I LOVE YOU WORLD and I’m really super glad just to be here).


*Background Story:
Scooter was a rescue dog we were privileged to adopt in Minneapolis in 2001 when he was just one year old.  In 2004, we left our lovely house in Fridley Minnesota, a first ring suburb outside of Minneapolis to pursue jobs in my husband’s field of software engineering that had become elusive during those years. Little Scooter traveled with us up and down the East Coast as we stayed in Extended Stay Hotels.  He was an excellent traveler and a polite hotel guest.  He never barked in the room when we were gone and always was sure to let us know when he needed a walk. After a few years, we asked ourselves the question, “If we’re exploring jobs on the East Coast, why can’t we do that in California where the kids live?” So purchased an RV and it is shortly thereafter in 2006 that Scooter the Dog Blog began.

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Scooter’s first entry: