Carrie and the Flowers

dog on road tripgeraniumsLet’s get back to Thursday, July 14th. (Who says a blog has to be organized, in sequence, timely, or any one of those characteristics that is foreign to so many of us?) I could write about our cute, cozy cabin at Bozeman Hot Springs Campground or the little stream that runs through the camp, or the hot springs that is a unique campground feature, but I want to cabins at Bozeman's Hot Springs Camproundwrite about Carrie and the flowers.
Anyone who knows me, knows about my fascination with the Strong Campbell Interest Test (presently called the Strong Interest Inventory). This is a highly respected test used by career counselors to help individuals find their life’s work. As it was explained to me eons ago when I was in my 20’s, the test was based on a unique concept. The hypothesis, as I understand it, was that people who are drawn to certain careers, have similar personal interests. Let’s say you’re interested in gardening and writing. You might think the career that matches your interests is a horticultural journalist. Good guess, but it’s wrong. The cluster of jobs that  match people who are interested in gardening and writing is comprised of college professors, language interpreters, speech pathologists, and librarians! Through the years, I’ve found that many of the people I’ve met who  are speech pathologists or sign language interpreters truly do have gardening and writing as their interests!

When I met Carrie, she was watering the flowers that had been planted in huge wooden whiskey barrels in front of the cabins. There’s a way to water plants and there’s a way to water plants!  Carrie was watering them in that Zen sort of way where you can almost see a connection between the gardener and the flowers. Obviously, we had that gardening interest thing going on, so we started talking plants. I told Carrie about the delphinium garden I had when we lived in Minnesota and found out that she took care of all of the plants throughout the Bozeman Hot Springs Campground.

Carrie is kind of person that reads a speaker’s eyes, and if I had taken her picture, you’d be able to see the kindness behind her own. Because of her interest in gardening, I asked if she was a writer. It was a leap to assume that, but taking a cognitive leap has never stopped me before. When I asked Carrie that question, she looked at me as if I was a fortune teller.  She told me that writing romance novels was an interest and aspiration of hers. She then touched my arm in that way that women do when they meet a soul sister. My biggest regret is that I didn’t try one more time to take a picture of the lovely woman who takes care of the plants at the Bozeman Hot Springs Campground and the plants she lovingly takes care of.  You’ll just have to imagine Carrie and that special connection some people have to growing flowers.

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