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Happy Fall!

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Billie Kelpin is a former teacher of the deaf and sign language interpreter. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Deaf Education and has done graduate work at Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota focusing on "Teaching English as a Second Language". Before retiring to become a full time writer, Billie was privileged to work for several years with the talented staff of the TRIO Student Support Services Program serving first generation, low-income, and special needs students at North Hennepin Community College in Minneapolis. 

For many years, Billie and her husband, Mike Olmon, have developed free online learning games for students of all ages and abilities on their website, www.LanguageRocks.com and in the app stories on Google Play and iTunes. Fascinated with technology and its role in reaching a vast audience of readers, Billie has created the content for "The Perfect Husband App", "Stories to Go", and "Polly and the Measuring Stick". "The Perfect Husband App," which started off as an experiment, is a handy list of words every spouse wishes to hear along with short essays as to why these words touch one's heart and improve relationships.  The app as of October, 2016, has had over 7100 downloads. "Polly and the Measuring Stick" is an allegory that helps both adults and children with the all too familiar practice of comparing ourselves to others. "Short Stories to Go"is a collection of narrated essays and short stories by the author, but is intended to add stories by guest authors as well.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, many of Kelpin’s short stories and essays reflect her Midwest background and often touch upon her amusing adventures of living as a left-handed person in a right-handed world. She is presently working on a novel about love and war in the Viet Nam era. 

Billie now lives in California with her husband, Mike, and their little dog, Scooter, where she writes from the "living room" of their "5th Wheel" RV in Newport Beach, close to their adult children and the ocean she adores.

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