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 “Stories to Go” will be moving to a different platform due to some changes with the Apple iOS platform.  Give us a little time since work on my first novel is taking precedent. Stay tuned.

a “Listen-To” App – An AUDIOBOOK Collection of humorous and inspiring stories and essays written and narrated by Billie Kelpin and guest authors for iPhones and Android devices   Listen on the way home from work, while washing the dishes, or on your next road trip. Submit your narrations for consideration. ALL AGES


image from Lucky, the Left Pawed Puppy

Lucky the Left Pawed Puppy –
a delightful story empowering little left-handers
and ALL children who, at times, have felt ‘left out’  Ages 5-8
READ a synopsis of the story, LEARN about the talented artist, LISTEN to a sample of Lucky’s story, and PLAY Lucky’s Game –
all on his fun-filled website.  
SPECIAL Holiday SALE through Lucky’s Website

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Polly and the Measuring Stick
an ebook with a message for all ages! A modern-day Aesop Fables type-of-tale that addresses the sadness that comes when we compare ourselves to others.
This is a lovely allegory of a little petunia who is “tickled pink” just to be in Mrs. Shumway’s garden, that is until the garden club comes to visit!
What happens when there are “oohs” for Danita Delphinium and “ahhs” for Lucy Lavender, but no “oohs” or “ahhs” for Polly?  Brought down to the ground, the little petunia discovers a secret to coping and, in the process, teaches us a secret of how to do the same.


cover of "The Perfect Husband"

On ETSY!  Our Store: Back Bay Books
Unique gift!  These little “story cards” are called
‘zines in bookstores because they originated as underground magazines.  Now they are available as short stories and essays that are little 4.25″ x 5.5″ books that will delight your mother, your brother, your friend in New Hampshire! Titles include: “A Gift from My Daughter,” “When Your Aunt Wears Sequins,” and the ever-popular “Perfect Husband – A Field Guide” – a what-to-day-to-your-wife-today pocket manual!  Check us out in our Etsy Store, Back Bay Books.

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