“Lucky, the Left Pawed Puppy”

"Lucky the Left Pawed Puppy" is a beautifully illustrated book to empower little left-handers and ALL children who, at times, have felt 'left out'. Listen to a sample of Lucky's story on his website filled with fun

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Stories to Go - a "listen-to" audiobook collection of stories and essays written and narrated by Billie Kelpin and guest authors for iPhones and Android devices. $ .99 download

"Polly and the Measuring Stick," a story for all ages about comparing ourselves to others, offering the reader a solution to this often troublesome tendency Polly Petunia discovers a secret to coping and, in the process, understanding who we really are.  A classic allegory for all ages! 

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Better than a birthday card - a little gift of a story
Essays by Billie Kelpin are now available as hand-crafted
little booklets.  Words to live by as little gifts - a sweet
remembrance for someone you care about. 

cover of "The Perfect Husband"

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